Frequently asked questions

When does the Race for the Cure take place?

In some countries there is one huge event, in others events can be smaller, digital or spread throughout the year. Check on your countries page if there's any current events.  You can also register digitally and connect to an event later.

What is the registration deadline?

Deadlines for registrations can differ for any event.

How can I run or walk with Race for the Cure?

You are invited to register your participation on the website and make a voluntary donation to the breast cancer charity in the country of your choice.

What if there is no Race for the Cure event where I live?

It will still be possible to connect and come together in smaller groups. You can register your team with friends, family or colleagues and organise your run or walk where you live.

What happens after I register my team page?

Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive a confirmation email. In case you don't receive it, please check your spam.

Can I get proof of payment?

Before making your payment, you can indicate that you want proof of donation. The document will be automatically sent to you by email.

I registered my team to run or walk where I live, can I join a race event later?

It will be possible to add your existing team to the Race for the Cure in your area so that you can take part in the event.

I can’t find my page on the website, what do I do?

Use your registration mail to edit your team page. Check if you ticked the box ‘I want my team visible on the Race for the Cure website’.

What is a team captain?

The team captain is the person who makes the initial team registration. This person will receive a confirmation mail with a unique team code. This code is the key to making changes to the team page (adding participants, changing information). The team captain can share the code with other team managers.

Can another person than the team captain manage the team page?

Yes, but only with the consent of the team captain. He can give you the team code or you click on ‘Request team code’. The team captain will get a message and can decide to share the unique team code with you.

Can I register as an individual?

Yes, you can participate individually in a Race for the Cure event near you. Or you can register to run or walk where you live. If you register individually, you are a team (of 1), but the general idea is to connect and invite friends to join in or support you. 

How can I participate with my company, organisation, city or municipality?

You can make a team and join a Race for the Cure event in your area. Or you can run or walk where you live. In most countries, you can also register a local run or walk for 50 people or more to support your local breast cancer charity. After registration of your event, the charity will need to give their approval before publication of your event. Look for your charity on the Charities page and mail them for more information or help.

Can I donate without running or walking?

You are more than welcome to sponsor a team or a race. On the team or race page, click the ‘sponsor button’ and make a donation of your choice with a simple bank transfer. It is also possible to make a donation to the charity of your choice directly on the Charities page.

Can I join a team?

On the team page, you can click the 'join this team' button. This will bring you in contact with the team captain who can give you access to join in, or you can join immediately if you know the team code of the team.

How can I invite friends to join my team?

Click on the ‘invite friends to sponsor/join’ button. You can send a mail to maximum 50 friends you want to invite. You will need the team code for this.

How can I invite friends to sponsor my team?

Click on the ‘invite friends to sponsor/join’ button. You can send a mail to maximum 50 friends you want to invite. You will need the team code for this.

How can I reach new people to join or sponsor me?

Create a big pink online buzz! Share the link to your page in an email or on social media and invite people to participate or sponsor your team.

What is a Victory medal?

A team has the option to dedicate a ‘thank you’ award to a special friend, healthcare worker, volunteer, support group... This contact will be shown on the team page and will receive a thank you email with the team Victory medal.

What is a Race number?

Every participant gets a unique race number. You can add a personal message to the jersey number (bib) (message per person) and download the design to make a print. Pin the number on your shirt for your Race for the Cure.

What if I don't find the answer to my question here? Can I contact Race for The Cure?

You cannot contact us directly because we possibly don't speak your language. Please check the FAQ thoroughly and contact your local charity if you have unanswered questions. You can find the contact information of your local charity on the Charities page.

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